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Tulsi Chai

Product Description

Tulsi, also known as the “Queen of Herbs,” is renowned for its calming effect, offering cognitive and memory enhancement. A great pairing with cardamom, or as it is similarly nicknamed, “Queen of Spices,” is prized for many applications including anti-inflammatory properties. Along with invigorating cinnamon, spiced sarsaparilla, sweet licorice root, uplifting peppermint and brisk Darjeeling, Tulsi Chai is a potent blend perfect for chai season with a special herbal twist.

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Tasting Notes

Exotic tulsi and cardamom create mystical high notes that perfectly complement grounding black tea and sarsaparilla.


Organic black tea, organic cinnamon, organic sarsaparilla root, organic cardamom, organic tulsi, organic licorice root, organic peppermint.

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