Annual Test Marketing Program for Japan Market

Gold member can execute Test Marketing for Japan Market regarding their product once every year.

Scope of Service (For 1 SKU Only)

  1. Sample Importing Evaluation: If provided, we will review your actual product samples and conduct a preliminary assessment based on Japanese regulations.
  2. Product Introduction & Feedback : We will introduce your product to three potential users or buyers through our sales channels.
  3. Report Compilation: Based on the collected feedback and our expertise, we will generate a comprehensive report (A4, 1 sheet), offering insights and recommendations.

(Actual report sample)

Out of Scope (Additional charges apply)

  1. Consulting
  2. Analyze Test in Japan
  3. Promotion (Exhibitions, Advertising )
  4. Import support
  5. Listing on Japanese E-commerce Malls
  6. Listing on wholesale site
  7. Customer care

Please feel free to contact us HerbaromaTrade if you have any questions about Annual Test Marketing Program for Japan Market.