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Houjicha Shiso

Product Description

Houjicha Shiso is a warming Japanese green tea perfect for the transition into colder months. A hot roasting step transforms the green tea through the Maillard reaction into light brown leaves that brew an amber-red infusion. The roast step also lowers the caffeine content of the tea leaves, making this tea an ideal after dinner cup. Red shiso has a spicy flavor and purply hue that complements the amber brew of the houjicha. Bamboo ginger, a highly aromatic variety of ginger, provides a warming heat to balance the other herbaceous botanicals. The blend is finished with peppermint leaves which bring an uplifting minty note.


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Tasting Notes

roasted barley, toasted almonds, herbaceous spice, warming ginger and uplifting mint


organic green tea, organic red shiso, bamboo ginger, organic peppermint

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