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Strawberry Shiso

Product Description

Strawberry Shiso is a sumptuous and slightly spicy blend with a brilliant scarlet infusion. Shiso is a primary culinary herb in Asia and goes by many names including Japanese mint, wild sesame and Perilla. This ornamental plant is noted for its high antioxidant content and aromatic compounds. From cold and flu prevention to anti-aging, the benefits are effective in supporting the body across all seasons. Paired with bamboo ginger, a special variety of spicy and highly aromatic ginger grown in Taiwan, the synergy of these plants revitalizes and refreshes in hot summer months. These ingredients are then blended with strawberries, hibiscus and lemon myrtle, which contain naturally high levels of antioxidants. The aromas are citrusy with a fruit forward flavor and balanced by the heat of bamboo ginger. Strawberry Shiso can be enjoyed hot or cold.


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Tasting Notes

sumptuous and slightly spicy blend with a brilliant scarlet infusion


Organic red shiso, organic strawberries, organic hibiscus, bamboo ginger, organic lemon myrtle

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