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For tranquility and relief from stress we have created a fantastic, flavorsome combination of stress-relieving herbs with a touch of rose. Their adaptogenic action not only suppresses the symptoms; it also gives a proper boost so that the body can confront all the factors that cause the anxiety, while keeping mind and body fully alert. A Moly Harmony tea can also have a calming effect in cases of panic and is especially helpful in periods of mental pressure and low spirits.


Indian Ginseng ‘s adaptogenic action on the nervous system reduces the negative stimuli of stress on the body. At the same time, it boosts both physical and mental endurance and energy. Indian ginseng is one of the herbs recommended for a weakened body defence system, whether due to illness or following mental or physical exertion.


Virginian skullcap , from the American continent, is one of the most effective stress-reducing plants. It is well-known for its use in cases of intense worry, anxiety and absent-mindedness associated with mental exhaustion. In the UK, doctors of herbal medicine characterise it as the herb most suitable for the ‘racing mind’.


The Damask rose is one of the oldest varieties of aromatic rose. Both taste and aroma are added to our tea from these buds benefitting, in particular, anyone weighed down by stress. Also known for its action in cases of panic attacks.


Lemon balm has a mildly invigorating action on the nervous system, boosting the body exhausted by stress and worries.It is one of the most appropriate stress-reducers in cases of low spirits associated with lack of rest or even depresssion.


Liquorice is added as a flavour booster, offering you a pleasant drink while hiding the styptic action of rose in the mixture.

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