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To boost metabolism, we have created a blend with diuretic action that not only acts against fluid retention but is also a mild gastrointestinal system stimulant.  A cup of Moly Silhouette is great for invigorating the gastrointestinal system while, at the same time, it includes herbs that promote the breaking down of fat.  This tea’s action is maximized when combined with the appropriate diet.


Schisandra berries are well-known for their adaptogenic action in boosting natural resistance and providing energy. They lower stress arising from external stumulants, enhance gall bladder and liver functions  and are especially helpful in restoring the liver after long-term therapies. They also boost metabolism.


Cleavers is a mild diuretic which helps the body to detox during urination while, at the same time, offering emollient action to the urinary system. It also helps with fluid retention.


Ceylon cinnnamon, the well-known digestive, is especially helpful in cases of indigestion and gastrointestinal spasms. Is is also beneficial in cases of dizziness and seasickness. It has been chosen partly as a flavour enhancener, while a small quantity of Cassia cinnamon has been added, as a supplement, for enhanced aroma.


Lemon verbana is known for its stress-reducing properties. As such, it helps fight stress while, at the same time, offering mild diuretic action and relief from gastrointestinal bloating. It thus aids fluid retention and weight loss. Many of its essential oils provide fat-dissolving action.


Dried lemon, which is rich in fat-disslovig properties, has b

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