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For the gastrointestinal system to function smoothly, we have chosen spasmolytic herbs that reduce stomach cramps and spasms, as well as herbs that reduce swelling and bloating. The Moly Digestion blend also includes anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial herbs that reduce inflammation and diminish microbe populations, possibly the cause of such disturbances.  By using herbal substances that not only help in the digestion of food but also in regular bowel movements, the body self-regulates and more efficiently absorbs the nutrients from the foods consumed.


The adaptogenic action of Schisandra berries reduces stress experienced by the body and caused by various external stimuli. At the same time, magnolia berries regulate the amount of acid that the stomach secretes and they are able to regulate the amount of gall that needs to be secreted in order to digest fatty foods. Finally, they are active in protecting the liver.


Fennel seeds originate from an ancient and noble, valuable and prized herb, known for millenia as an excellent digestive. Very helpful in cases of indigestion and gastric disturbances, such as sea-sickness, tendency to vomit, stomach swellings and colics.


Ginger has been selected for its antispasmodic action: it especially favors conditions such as indigestion and gastric disturbances, declaring in symptoms like sea-sickness, the need to vomit, stomach swellings and colics. As with fennel seeds, it is a stimulant to digestion.


Liquorice has been selected for its flavour-boosting properties, but also for its beneficial effects on the gastric and bowel systems – in cases of gastric and intestinal ulcers and of gastric and oesophagal retrogression.


Flowers of chamomile are beneficial in a wide range of gastro-intestinal issues. Chamomile has very effective spasmolytic and anti-inflammatory action. It is one of the principal herbs which benefit the ‘irritable bowel’. It also contributes to calmness, since it soothes the anxiety which often accompanies stomach swellings, bloating etc.


Dittany of Crete has been known since antiquity as being easy on the stomach and soothing for intestinal and stomach pains. Its anti-microbial action helps lower the microbe population, while its styptic, anti-inflammatory and spasmolytic action reduces inflammation and spasms in the gastro-intestinal system.


Carob-bean has been included in the mixture chiefly as a flavor-booster. Nevertheless, it is also well-known for its action in fighting diarrhoea and vomiting. Since antiquity, it has been used against colics, even in infants.

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