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This blend has been created especially to boost mental and physical energy, in addition to well being. Its mild tonic herbs boost the peripheral vascular system. We have also added herbs that are especially beneficial for learning and cognitive activities but do not cause suppression.  Moly energy contains an ideal combination of adaptogenic herbs that both balance stress and restore energy and stamina.


Rosemary leaves increase mental alertness and memory function, and assist concentration, especially in mental activities. Rosemary has mild stress-reducing properties. As such, it keeps the body in readiness, without causing suppression. At the same time, it acts as a mild tonic to the peripheral vascular system.


Ginkgo leaves increase cognitive function as well as aiding memory function. In addition, they increase blood circulation and help oxygenate the brain, bringing alertness and the ability to concentrate, besides their stress-reducing activities. Finally, they boost peripheral vascular circulation, which helps give that added boost to physical activities.


The Reishi (or Lingzhi) Mushroom is well-known in the Far East as an ‘elixir of life’ and for centuries has been in use there as an energy booster. It has many beneficial uses. In our recipe it has been selected as an adaptogen. It offers protection to the nervous system and specifically helps to activate the ‘NG’ factor, in this way protecting the nerve cells of the brain. It also assists as an immune system booster and reduces  stress factors.


Cardamon seeds have been well-known since antiquity for their tonic factor. They provide energy by mildly boosting the circulation, reducing stress and the frequency of muscle cramps. They have a very mild stress-reducing action.


Finally, licorice, as a flavour-booster, is added to complete the styptic taste of the tea and produce a pleasant drink.

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