Online Promotion Service in Japan

The service for Gold membership:

Intermediation Service for HEALTH & BEAUTY EXPO, the Japanese famous B2B Marketplace

Backgound for launching this menu:

Since we launch HerbaromaTrade in July 2022, we’ve got many requests from our members (Global suppliers) for helping their business development in Japan market. However, due to our insufficient research on the Japanese market, it was difficult to meet their demands. So we did thorough research to give a useful support for developing their business in Japan and came to the conclusion that we could build an attractive service by collaborating with Health & Beauty Expo, the most famous B2B marketplace in the Japanese health and beauty industry.


[Service content] B2B business matching service for Japanese Health & Beauty industry
[Service start] October 2005
[Monthly Access] 150,000UU (600,000PV)
[Number of registered products] 31,180 (as of June 21, 2023)
[Number of exhibitors] 1120 companies
[Users] Japanese buyers, Raw material manufacturers, Beauty & Medical institutions, Product manufacturers, Equipment manufacturers, fitness gyms, other health & beauty related organizations

[Service menu for exhibitors]
P1 Premiere : listed @ Top Rank of a category / Pic for featured image is designed by designer of Health & Beauty Expo.
(Featured image)

(Detail page)*Product Pic:240 x 320px / Desc.: 2000 characters(Japanese) / Reference image: 3 image / PDF : 3 file

P2 Standard : listed @ Middle Rank of a category
(Featured image)

(Detail page)*Same spec with P1 Premiere

P3 Basic : listed @ lower rank of a category
(Featured image)

(Detail page)*Product Pic:240 x 320px / Desc.: 2000 characters(Japanese) / no reference image / PDF : 3 file

Details of Intermediation Service for HEALTH & BEAUTY EXPO:

(Scope of Service)
(1)Product Description / Pictures uploading with translation (English to Japanese)

P2 Standard : 2 products
P3 Basic : 10 products

(2)Intermediation for the inquiries from Japanese buyers via Health & Beauty Expo

*HerbaromaTrade will intermediate between Gold member and Japanese buyer with translation (English to Japanese / Japanese to English) by E-mail. We will act as Messanger between them and it means we don’t give any advice from a business point of view.

(Out of Scope)
Support for Facilitating Business Negotiations and Transactions (Additional Fee)

(1)Sales Support : We will act as a third party with an objective perspective to facilitate coordination and negotiation with Japanese buyers, providing feedback on the progress towards transaction completion.
(2)Trade Operations Support : We handle practical tasks related to international logistics, import procedures, and overall trade operations, including payment arrangements, after the transaction is concluded.
(3)Visiting Japan Support : We can provide support for your visit to Japan, including assistance with visa application for business purposes, itinerary arrangements, scheduling meetings with buyers, and organizing visits to related facilities. This support aims to enhance your business discussions during your visit.

Please note that the support mentioned above for facilitating business negotiations and transactions is available at an additional cost. For specific details and pricing, please ask us HerbaromaTrade directly.

Process to service start

(1) Email us HerbaromaTrade :
      Application : (Email Title : Application for Intermediation Service)
      Question:      (Email Title : Question for Intermediation Service)
(2) HerbaromaTrade will answer to the questions to make clear the detail of service.
(3) Upgrade to Gold membership. (Non HerbaromaTrade member has to join free member as first step)
(4) HerbaromaTrade will give you the format to describe the product information. (Within 1 or 2 biz days after upgrading to Gold membership)
(5) Send us the product information
(6) Uploaded into Health & Beauty Expo (Within 10 biz days after receiving the product information)
(7) “Intermediation Service for HEALTH & BEAUTY EXPO” will initiate once the uploading finished. (Give you the product page link for your confirmation once uploaded. )

Terms of use

  • Refund policy for Gold membership is not applied after the product information is uploaded into HEALTH & BEAUTY EXPO.
  • HerbaromaTrade is not liable for the issues caused by HEALTH & BEAUTY EXPO (Temporary Website Down etc).
  • Please note that the required days written in “Process to service start” is an estimate and may change depending on the situation.


Please feel free to contact us HerbaromaTrade if you have any questions about “Intermediation Service for HEALTH & BEAUTY EXPO” .