(Q&A) Vol.2 : Page rank when you register the product in “Essential Oil” Category @ HEALTH & BEAUTY EXPO

In July 12 2023, we launched new service, Intermediation Service for HEALTH & BEAUTY EXPO, the Japanese famous B2B Marketplace, and we have many inquiries for it at the moment.

To answer for major questions, we started sending the Q&A email on weekly basis from last week.

July 16 2023 : Vol.1: About the categories HEALTH & BEAUTY EXPO has on the Top Page

Today we will explain your page rank when you register the products in “Essential Oil” Category @ HEALTH & BEAUTY EXPO because some global suppiers are concerned about that.

1. Click “Herb & Aroma” Category at Top page

2. Click “Product”

3. Click “Aroma”

4. Click “Essential Oil”

5. Click “Single”

6. Reached Listing Page!
Hierarchy: Herb & Aroma>Product>Aroma>Essential Oil>Single

Please pay attention to First rank and Second rank. First rank is “P1 Premiere” but Second rank is “P3 Basic”. It’s a good news for you because your product would be listed at Second rank if you use Intermediation Service for HEALTH & BEAUTY EXPO.

As the characteristics of HEALTH & BEAUTY EXPO, there are many child categories under a parent category. It means your products tend to be listed at upper rank even if you cannot use “P1 Premiere” service.

We can always answer the page rank at the category you want to upload. Please feel free to contact us!

One thought on “(Q&A) Vol.2 : Page rank when you register the product in “Essential Oil” Category @ HEALTH & BEAUTY EXPO

    I am writing to express my interest in becoming an authorized reseller of your brand’s products. After researching your brand and products, I am confident that there is a demand for them in my target market.
    I have been in the retail business for Two years and have established a loyal customer base. I believe that adding your brand’s products to my inventory will not only benefit my business but also increase your brand’s exposure and sales.
    As an authorized reseller, I will ensure that all of your brand’s products are promoted and sold in accordance with your guidelines. I will also maintain a high level of customer service and provide accurate product information to my customers.
    If there is an application process or any other requirements for becoming an authorized reseller, please let me know. I would be happy to provide any additional information you may need to make this process smoother.
    Thank you for considering my request. I look forward to the opportunity to work with your brand and bring your products to my customers.

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