(Q&A) Vol3. Which industries are accessing to HEALTH & BEAUTY EXPO?

In July 12 2023, we launched new service, Intermediation Service for HEALTH & BEAUTY EXPO, the Japanese famous B2B Marketplace, as online promotion service in Japan and we have many inquiries for it at the moment.

To answer for major questions, we started sending the Q&A email on weekly basis from 2 weeks ago.

July 16 2023 : Vol.1: About the categories HEALTH & BEAUTY EXPO has on the Top Page
July 23 2023 : Vol.2 : Page rank when you register the product in “Essential Oil” Category @ HEALTH & BEAUTY EXPO

Today we will explain the industry categories accessing to Health and Beauty Expo.

This screen shot which is posted @ Health and Beauty Expo illustrates which industries are accessing to Health and Beauty Expo. Let me translate clockwise.

Raw Material Manufacturer (Healthy Food, Natural Food, Beauty&Cosmetics etc)

Industry for Beauty(Esthetic Salon, SPA, Instrument manufacturer for Beauty etc)

Product manufacturers(Healthy Food, Natural Food, Beauty&Cosmetics etc)

OEM manufacturer(Healthy Food, Natural Food, Beauty&Cosmetics etc)

Equipment manufacturers(Equipment for Health and Beauty)

Organizations related to Health and Beauty(Academy, R&D, Association etc)

Fitness gym(Yoga, Pilates etc)

general consumer

Buyer(Pharmacy Shop, Mail order business, Department store etc)

Medical institution (University hospital, Clinics, Dentist, etc.)

Health and Beauty EXPO, which has perfect SEO measures, is always displayed at the top of search engines such as Yahoo! and Google. Health and Beauty EXPO is also receiving many inquiries from other industries as below.

  • Confectionery and food manufacturers
  • Food packaging processing manufacturer, frozen food manufacturer
  • Sake brewery, mail-order business, pharmaceutical company, newspaper company
  • Shirt maker, Pharmacy shop, Restaurant
  • Sports maker, pet food, miscellaneous goods maker
  • Regenerative medicine business
  • Chiropractic, Acupuncture and moxibustion, Dental equipment manufacturer
  • Beauty salon, Kimono, Osteopathic clinic, Recycling
  • Figure maker, Ryokan, Beauty salon, Aromatherapy Salon etc

If you find the target industry, it would be a good chance to try this online promotion service in Japan.

[Service content] B2B business matching service for Japanese Health & Beauty industry
[URL] https://www.e-expo.net/
[Service start] October 2005
[Monthly Access] 150,000UU (600,000PV)
[Number of registered products] 31,180 (as of June 21, 2023)
[Number of exhibitors] 1120 companies

We are looking forward to serving you this new service!
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Best regards,
Satoshi Kayamori
Founder & CEO, Herbal Square Ltd.
E: satoshi.kayamori@herbaroma-trade.com
URL: https://herbaroma-trade.com

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