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BOTANICAL NAME:  Santalum Lanceolatum
COMMON NAMES:  Northern Sandalwood, Sandalwood Plumbush, Native Plumbush, Cherry Bush
CAS NUMBER:  93062-89-6
COMPOSITION:  Alpha-santalol, Lanceol, Alph-santalol, Nuciferol, Cis-beta-curcamen-12ol, Epi-alpha-bisalobol, Trans-famesol, Cis-beta-santalol, Trans-alpha-bergamotol
EXTRACTION METHOD:  Steam Distillation.

Sandalwood is used throughout the world to enhance mood, promote healthy skin, and provide relaxing qualities during meditation. Northern Sandalwood gives an opportuntiy for one to explore the more floral and fruity notes of this unique oil.

Santalum Lancelatum, also known as Northern Sandalwood, gives an opportuntiy for one to explore the more floral and fruity notes of this unique oil. The ancient Egyptians used Sandalwood during the embalming process.

Northern Sandalwood plays a different role to traditional sandalwood oils due to its unique floral aromas. When applied directly to the skin as a perfume, it offers several different floral layers, exhibiting potential in skincare formulations and for calming notes in aromatherapy. Northern Sandalwood has been used by indigenous Australian’s, traditionally soaking the roots to make liniment and grinding the seeds to make a fragrant paste.

Northern Sandalwood Oil is an opauqe golden oil with a medium intensity aroma. The scent can be described as having a smooth, fragrant, fruity aroma with soft floral notes which is unique from other traditional Australian Sandalwoods.

Northern Sandalwood Oil can be used in skincare formulations. It can also be used in the formulas of perfumes, in essential oils and aromatherapy, with benefits including, relaxation, grounding, calming, improving mental clarity and stilling the mind. Other benefits are in aiding meditation, along with anti- microbial activities.

Northern Sandalwood Oil is slightly sweeter than traditional sandalwood oils. It can be used as a base note fragrance, and beautifully complements vanilla, jasmine, geranium, and bergamot, as well as warm, spicy fragrances such as buddha wood, cedarwood, and frankincense.

Material Safety Data Sheet and Analysis Certificate are available on request.

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