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Buddha Wood Oil

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BOTANICAL NAME:  Eromophila mitchelli
COMMON NAMES:  Buddha Wood, False Sandalwood, Desert Rosewood
INCI NAME:  Eromophila mitchelli Wood Oil
CAS NUMBER:  1429902-59-9
COMPOSITION:  eremophilone, 2-hydroxyeremophilone, 2-hydroxy-2-dihydroeremophilone
EXTRACTION METHOD:  Steam Distillation

Tenacious, unique, and sweet. Buddha Wood is a small figwort tree found in the Australian desert.

The scented wood is traditionally burned for its pleasant aroma, and has been used by indigenous Australians for its antibacterial qualities.

Buddha Wood is steam distilled to extract a smokey, resinous aroma that beautifully complements any fresh base note.

Composed of eremophilone, 2-hydroxyeremophilone, and 2-hydroxy-2-dihydro eremophilone, Buddha Wood oil contains similar constituents to Agarwood .

Buddha Wood Oil is a dark copper red oil. Opaque, viscous, with a medium intensity aroma – the scent can be described as smoked and earthy, with a sustained, spicy undertone.

Buddha Wood Oil can be used as a fragrance in skincare formulations, perfumes, in essential oils and aromatherapy.

Buddha Wood Oil can be used as a base note fragrance, and beautifully complements cedarwood, sandalwood, peru balsam, rose, lavender, and ylang ylang.

Material Safety Data Sheet and Analysis Certificate are available on request

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