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White Cypress Wood Oil

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BOTANICAL NAME:  Callitris glaucophylla
COMMON NAMES:  White Cypress, Cypress Pine
CAS NUMBER:  Unknown
COMPOSITION:  Citronellic acid, Guaiol, Bulnesol, Pinene, Eudesmols, Callitrisins, Selinenes
EXTRACTION METHOD:  Steam Distillation

Relatively new to aromatherapy, White Cypress Oil is incredibly soothing and grounding, with significant, calming anti-anxiety properties.

White cypress pines can be found right across Australia. Culturally and economically significant, cypress pines are prized for their termite resistant timber and use in traditional Aboriginal culture.

Many Aboriginal groups use White Cypress timber to create spear throwers, ceremonial objects, paddles and music sticks. The pine resin was also used as an adhesive for securing spear tips and in ceremonial dress.

White cypress also has also been used in bush medicine, treating symptoms of cold and flu as well as a lotion for allergies, rash and skin irritation.

Wild Wood Oils of Australia harvest white cypress from environmentally sustainable, government managed wild strands across the country.

The oil is extracted from the bark and heartwood over 48 hours through steam distilling, revealing a bright yellow oil with a fresh woody scent.

White Cypress oil is very soothing and grounding. Aside from it’s anti-anxiety properties it is useful in aromatherapy as an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory.

White cypress can be used in skincare formulations and perfumes, where it has been used as a fixative.

Blends well with floral, citrus and green notes.

Material Safety Data Sheet and Analysis Certificate are available on request.

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