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Psoronorm cell repair oil

Product Description

Psoronorm cell repair oil provides intense moisturization and much needed cell repair benefit for psoriasis, dry skin and atopic dermatitis. Herbal ingredients in the oil give rich anti-oxidant effect to delay ageing of skin.

Proven to inhibit the common triggers of Psoriasis like

  • Free radicals
  • Increased Lipoxygenase enzyme
  • Increased Elastase and collagenase activity
  • Advanced glycation end products

Hence, it is used in Psoriasis as skin care oil and oil for dry skin conditions.

Benefits of Psoronorm cell repair oil for psoriasis and dry skin:

  • Effective antioxidant and reduces skin scales
  • Delays the inflammatory phase of psoriasis
  • Proven to be HYPOALLERGENIC and safe for long term use (Skin irritation study in human volunteers)

Ingredient highlights

  • Coconut oil + liquid paraffin combination with select herbs to repair psoriatic skin.

Usage Instructions

  • Apply sufficient quantity of oil over the required areas thrice a day..

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