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Verdura mela gain cream

Product Description

Verdura mela gain cream possess anti-oxidant effect that restores and protects natural skin colour with sun protection.

Proven to inhibit the common triggers of Vitiligo like

  • Decrease in melanogenesis and tyrosinase enzyme activity
  • Poor formation and decreased functioning of dendrite cells
  • Reduced synthesis of tyrosinase
  • Melanocyte damage due to free radicals

Hence, it is ideal as a Vitiligo treatment cream skin colour restoration cream.

Benefits of Verdura melagain cream for skin colour restoration

  • Offers protection to melanocytes and dendrite function.
  • Increases tyrosinase production & melanogenesis.
  • Offers sun protection
  • Proven to be hypoallergenic and safe for long term use (Skin irritation study in human volunteers)

Ingredient highlights

  • Calamine, bentonite, Titanium dioxide, zinc oxide and select herbs

Usage instructions

  • Apply over required areas thrice a day
  • Verdura mela pro cream can be used as a pre-treatment product for faster re-pigmentation. Apply Verdura mela pro cream and expose to sunlight for 5 minutes in morning and wash off. Then apply Verdura mela gain cream on the required areas.

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