Eye contour 95% snail slime with hyaluronic acid centella green coffee against dark circles relaxing

Product Description

The  snail slime eye contour serum  is an ideal cosmetic gel for treating the eye contour area, prone to the formation of wrinkles, dark circles and signs of aging, which due to its sensitivity requires the use of specific products.
In fact, its action helps  reduce bags and dark circles, relax the eye area and reduce the typical redness that often forms under the eyes, also smoothing out wrinkles .
The main ingredient is snail slime, a secretion that these molluscs produce from some glands located in the foot and which has been found to be rich in precious substances for the beauty and well-being of the skin after careful analyses. By virtue of its properties, snail slime has quickly become one of the most appreciated ingredients in the cosmetic industry and intended for the treatment of both face and body skin.
It looks like a slightly amber liquid substance; after its collection it is immediately filtered in order to carry out a first roughing, then it is again subjected to a final microfiltration which allows to obtain the finished product, 100% pure. This compound has a pH between 5.7 and 6.5, is not soluble in vegetable or mineral oils but is miscible in water and dispersible in oil-in-water emulsions.

But what makes snail slime so valuable?
More specifically, the slime contains a precious substance, allantoin , which has been shown to have important  anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, moisturizing, healing and soothing properties on the skin, useful in the presence of irritated and sensitive skin but also in the case of inelastic and mature skin . This compound is also useful for  promoting cell turnover and stimulating rapid tissue regeneration .
Inside the snail slime there is also a percentage of  glycolic acid, an alpha hydroxy acid known for its slightly exfoliating action which allows the elimination of superficial dead cells through a delicate peeling and at the same time increasing the activity of fibroblasts, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin.
Other precious chemical compounds identified within the snail slime are amino acids, collagen and elastin, proteins and vitamins (especially A and E), all essential substances for nourishing and hydrating the skin but also for promoting circulation and oxygenation of the skin , as well as to heal the tissues and prevent their aging.
The snail slime eye contour gel therefore allows you to take advantage of the hydrating, anti-aging, regenerating and elasticising action of this substance, combined with the antioxidant, anti-wrinkle and toning properties of green coffee and centella asiatica extracts . The gel is also enriched with  hyaluronic acid , a perfect ally for the skin, thanks to its highly moisturizing and regenerating action which allows the skin to be smoothed, giving it a more relaxed and luminous appearance.

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