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Culinary Lavender Buds

Product Description

This 8-oz container of delicious culinary lavender buds is a combination of several English lavenders (lavendula angustifolia, or true lavender). We grow all of our lavender without pesticides. We hand-pick, de-bud, and triple-sift our lavender flowers to harvest the delicate buds. Since we use only English lavender, it’s perfect for any cooking application – cookies, cakes, tea, and also in savory dishes. Lavender can be used in place of rosemary for a different spin on the aromatics used in grilling and salads.

These fragrant buds are a gorgeous medium purple color and have a light, honey-lavender scent. You can also use culinary lavender buds for decoration and sachets, however these have a lighter scent than the French lavendin varieties which are more traditionally used for their more potent scent.

Note that we try to provide buds that are as “clean” as possible (few stems), so we triple-sift our lavender by hand so the vast bulk of the product you receive will be lavender buds, however, but some small stems will inevitably remain after sifting. These small bits are also edible but you may want to pick out any small stems you find if you’re going for the aesthetic value of the buds.

The lavender is packed and sealed in an 8-oz tin with a window at the top to see the beautiful color. Total weight is about .75 oz or 1 cup by volume.

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