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Insect Repellent – All Natural Ingredients

Product Description

Hand-blended bug repellant made with only distilled water and a blend of essential oils covering a wide range of insects. Each oil repels specific pests, including: mosquitos, ticks, flies, midges, gnats, and more. Does not contain DEET! Give it a shake to distribute the essential oils and spray as needed. Added bonus – all those essential oils means it smells good too! This is my go-to bug spray.

  • Non-toxic and non-staining
  • Contains all-natural essential oils: Peppermint, citronella, lavender, lemongrass, and tea tree oils
  • Safe of humans and pets
  • Smells great

Packaged in 4-oz plastic bottle with mist sprayer and cap. Shake well before using.

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