Cinnamon Leaf Oil

Product Description

Originated in France, Cinnamon Leaf Oil is also known in the market by its biological name Cinnamomum verum. This oil is brownish and slightly yellow in color with spicy cinnamon fragrance. Since its insoluble in water and soluble in oil and alcohol, the refractive index of this oil is .5307at 72°F. This particular oil has diverse chemical constituents such as content of Aldehyde Cinnamon aldehyde (< 7 %) and Eugenol (75 %). It is extracted from the leaf of the plants using a distillation process.

Having high possibility of getting finely blended with oils belonging to citrus family, Cinnamon Leaf Oil is popularized in markets by common names like Elaichi and mixes well with spice oils including rosemary, thyme, lavender and clove. It is acts well as a stimulant with antiseptic and antibiotic properties. Moreover, this oil has astringent, emmenagogue and antispasmodic properties which makes it a perfect natural insecticide.

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