Holy Basil Oil

Product Description

We get Holy Basil oil after the hydro distillation of the fresh leaves of Basil. Ocimum Basillicum is the major source of extracting this oil as well. This fluid has a sophisticated scent. You can find this oil having greenish yellow or light yellow color and it is a transparent oil. Africa and Seychelles are the main areas where you can find it. To identify the plants of this herb, you have to ensure it has small white flowers. You can call this oil as culinary herb, Samm Al Ferkah, Ajagandha, Indian ginseng, Common basi, Winter cherry, Sweet basil and Kanaje.

There are many natural herbs and oils that blend well with it. Those are: Bergamot, clary sage, lime, rosemary, hyssop, juniper, lemon, lavender, melissa, geranium, marjoram and neroli.

You may heard of it uses for massage, inhalation and baths. The premier feature this oil is that it can give you both warm and cold sensation when you use it for bath or massage. Moreover, if you have rough or sluggish skin, then this oil can give pleasing effect and can also boost the circulation. If you combined it with the thyme oil, then it can become ideal anti septic for you.

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