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Angelica Polyclada

Product Description

Latin name: Herba Houttuyniae
Botanical name: Houttuynia cordata Thunb.
English: Yuxingcao
Chinese: Houttuynia cordata

Specifications: Big goods.

Packing: Straw mats are covered with linen, each with a net weight of 70 kg.

Properties: flat cylindrical, twisted, 20-35mm long, 0.2-0.3cm in diameter; brownish-yellow surface, with several longitudinal ribs. Nodes are obvious, there are residual fibrous roots on the lower nodes, and residual membranous substances on the upper nodes; the texture is brittle and easy to break. Alternate leaves, curled and shrunken, heart-shaped after flattening, 3-5cm long, 3-4.5cm wide, apex acuminate, entire margin; upper surface dark yellow-green to dark brown, lower surface gray-brown, with numerous glands Point; petiole slender, base united with stipules to form a sheath. Spikes terminal, yellowish brown. There is a fishy smell when crushed, and the taste is slightly astringent. It is better to have many leaves, gray-green color, flower spikes, and strong fishy smell. Those without fishy smell are not medicinal.

Distribution: This product is mainly produced in Gansu.

Nature and flavor: pungent, slightly cold. Return lung meridian.

Function cures mainly: heat-clearing and toxic substances removing, eliminating carbuncle and abscessing pus, inducing diuresis and treating stranguria. For pulmonary carbuncle vomiting pus, phlegm-heat wheezing and coughing, dysentery, pyretic stranguria, carbuncle sore tumefacting virus.

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