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Coltsfoot Flowers Gansu Origin

Product Description

Latin name: Flos Farfarae
Botanical name: Tussilago Farfars Linne
English: Coltsfoot Flowers Gansu Origin
Chinese: Gansu Donghua

Specification: Daluhuo.

Packing: Packed in cartons, each with a net weight of 20 kg.

Characters: mostly 2-3 unopened flower heads connected at the base (commonly known as “connected three flowers”) or solitary. The buds are oblong and rod-shaped, the upper end is thicker, the lower end is thinner, and some have short pedicels. 1-2.5cm long and 0.5-1cm in diameter. Covered by many purple or lavender scale-like bracts, such as “spring bamboo shoots”. The inside of the bracts is densely covered with white purple hairs. Light body, white flocculent hairs can be seen when broken or torn off. The gas is slightly fragrant, and the taste is slightly bitter and pungent. It is chewed like cotton wool. Those with dry body, no soil, large and full flowers, bright purple color, and no pedicel are preferred. If the color is light red or yellowish, the quality is inferior. Those that are woody with stalks or that have bloomed are not medicinal.

Distribution: This product is mainly produced in Gansu.

Nature and flavor: pungent, slightly bitter, warm. Return lung meridian. Functions and indications: moistening the lungs and lowering qi, relieving cough and reducing phlegm. It is used for chronic cough, dyspnea with excessive phlegm, overworked cough and hemoptysis.

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