ATon Tea

Afternoon tea (Rose Oolong)

Product Description

Cheer Up!! Good Afternoon!
Revitalize, Love, Stay Charming and Healthy!
Caffeine Level: ◆◆◇◇◇

  • A tantalizing recipe for a healthy body, mind, and skin.  Oolong, Roses, Rosehips and Rooibos doubles the benefits in rejuvenating from a stressful, tiring moment or afternoon and lightening up a ruddy complexion. The recipe is good for skincare and regulates metabolism to stay fit and nice-looking. Roses have been historically known in Europe as a natural component of food for love, bringing your beauty from inside out.
  • This tea yields a unique aroma with multi-level flavor and pleasing lingering aftertaste. A nonpareil made by selected best quality Oolong from Taiwan and herbs from Germany –When the West meets the East, the sparks ignite!

Ingredients: Rose, Rosehips, Ali Mtn. Oolong, Licorice Root, Rooibos

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