ATon Tea

Evening tea (Rooibos Oolong)

Product Description

Relax ~ Hello Evening!
Re-nourishing, Calming, Perfect ending for a day!
Caffeine Level : ◆◇◇◇◇

  • A mellow catholicon-drink, this precious combination of tea contains valuable nutrition and minerals that soothe and calm bodies and minds. This unique recipe helps metabolism, replenishes nutrients lost during the day and makes it a perfect ending for your body to rebuild its health through a restful sleep. Drink it at least 2 hours before going to the bed if you are
    sensitive to caffeine.
  • This tea yields a unique aroma with multi-level flavor and pleasing lingering aftertaste. A nonpareil made by selected best quality Oolong from Taiwan and herbs from Germany –When the West meets the East, the sparks ignite!

Ingredients: Rooibos, Ali Mtn Oolong, Licorice Root

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