ATon Tea

Morning tea (Peppermint Oolong)

Product Description

Wake Up & Good Morning!
Refreshing, Nourishing, and Staying Fit!
Caffeine Level: ◆◆◆◇◇

  • An evocative elixir to awaken a refreshing morning and recharge energy, making every start of the day full of positive energies that keep you fit, young and smart-looking! Peppermint helps digestion and elevating spirits whilst Oolong doubles the nutrition that combines black and green tea, providing effectiveness in metabolism and relaxation to your body and mind!
  • This tea yields a unique aroma with multi-level flavor and pleasing lingering aftertaste. A nonpareil made by selected best quality Oolong from Taiwan and herbs from Germany –When the
    West meets the East, the sparks ignite!

Ingredients: Peppermint, Ali Mtn Oolong, Licorice Root

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