Company Pickup (Vol.3) : Polminton – Global Distributor focusing on “Swiss Quality”


Polminton is a Global Distributor focusing on “high quality”, headquartered in Switzerland, and has a very distinctive product portfolio.

Polminton’s Product Portfolio

Aromatherapy: 25%
Beauty: 25%
Fashion & Accessories: 25%
Watches: 25%

If you go to their online shop, you can understand how much Polminton is sticking to “Swiss Quality”, and at the same time, you can understand why the portfolio is diversified and balanced.

Polminton’s Online Shop

As of Mar 5 2023, 2 excellent products from Polminton have been uploaded in HerbaromaTrade.

Algine Plus

Discovery C®

Each product is very unique and, of course, made in Switzerland!
Let’s contact Polminton now


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