Discovery C®

Product Description

Discovery C® is a new unique blend of ascorbates and ascorbyl palminate: Powerful Vitamin C in powder form.

A Unique blend
• The mixture of magnesium and sodium provides a buffered non-acidic base for vitamin C. This helps reduce the acidity of the product which is therefore gentler on the stomach during digestion.
• Magnesium ascorbate also provides vitamin C, which contributes to the normal functioning of muscles and the nervous system.

• Palminate soluble ascorbyl can get to areas of the body that water soluble vitamin C cannot reach.
• A unique, carefully crafted formula to enhance the nutritional benefits of vitamin C.

Vitamin C is also a nutrient with antioxidant properties whose uses are increasingly varied and which helps to maintain good health.
So, it’s no surprise that the recommended daily allowance of vitamin C is more than that of any other water-soluble vitamin. Since the human body cannot synthesize vitamin C at all, it must be supplied to it mainly through fruits, vegetables and alternatively through food supplements.


Sodium ascorbate
Magnesium ascorbate
Ascorbic acid
Ascorbyl palmitate

Made in Switzerland

Discovery C

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