“Member Support Menu” was launched today

About the year-end Christmas campaign, the winners have already been selected out of 30 companies who applied the campaign and the communication between our partner ,Trade agency, and the winner has begun.

We hope to update you on the status of the test selling online in Japan with the permission of the winners.

By the way, we have an exciting news for you today.

As you can see in the title, we have launched “Member Support Menu” today. Let me explain the background why we set this menu for HerbaromaTrade members.

In order to complete international commercial transactions of herbs and aromatherapy products, it is necessary for suppliers & buyers to abide by laws, restrictions and rules of each country. It means it’s difficult to complete international commercial transaction by one-on-one transaction only between supplier and buyer.

Therefore, the role of “third party” professional such as trade agency etc who are familiar with herbs and aromatherapy business is very critical in order to realize smooth transactions.

By adding “Member Support Menu”, we believe HerbaromaTrade members can accelerate their business development globally by the help of third party professional service such as trade agency, sales channel development, OEM manufacturing, etc. in the each countries.

We aim to make the HerbaromaTrade platform an indispensable presence in the international commerce field for Herbal and Aromatherapy products by the launch of this menu.

The menu of a Japanese company, Evelead Co, Ltd., has already been published @ Trade Agent category!

Please refer to the link below.

Trade Agent

In the future, We plan to enhance the “Member Support Menu” and develop it into the core menu of HerbaromaTrade by expanding cooperative relationships with various partners around the world

Companies interested in becoming partners can apply from the link below at any time.

Looking for Partners

If you have any questions about the “Member Support Menu”, please feel free to contact us anytime.

Thank you for your kind support.

Satoshi Kayamori
Founder & CEO, Herbal Square Ltd.

Let’s create the world filled with herbal enjoyment together!

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