HerbaromaTrade’s partner introduction series Vol.1: Import agent of cosmetic products into Japan

As we announced this January, we launched “Member Support Menu”, aiming to accelerate HerbaromaTrade member’s business development for the long term.

In order to complete international commercial transactions of herbs and aromatherapy products, it is necessary for suppliers & buyers to abide by laws, restrictions and rules of each country. It means it’s difficult to complete international commercial transaction by one-on-one transaction only between supplier and buyer.

Therefore, the role of third party professional who are familiar with herbs and aromatherapy business is very critical in order to realize smooth transactions.

By expanding cooperative relationships with various partners around the world, we plan to enhance the “Member Support Menu” and develop it into the core menu of HerbaromaTrade.

We currently have three menu categories: Trade Agent/Consultant, OEM Manufacturing, and Business Development Support. But we are going to add new categories and review existing categories as needed.

From today, we will introduce our partners listed in “Member Support Menu” on one-by-one basis.

Category: Trade Agent/Consultant
Nationality: Japan
Company name: Evelead Co.,Ltd.
Company Short Profile: Import agent of cosmetic products into Japan

To contact Evelead and see “Special Menu” for Free/Gold members, click the link below

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
Thank you.

Satoshi Kayamori
Founder & CEO, Herbal Square Ltd.

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