2022 HerbaromaTrade Christmas Campaign

The Christmas season overlaps with the Soccer World Cup, so the festival mood is higher than usual around the world and many people are probably excited…

We are excited now but it’s not due to the mood…

During the past month’s intensive approach to the Japanese buyer side, We have found a direction that works for global suppliers interested in the Japanese market.

There are many Trade Agents with various strengths in Japan, and they handle a wide range of cases related to imports and exports in Japan.

We have found that it is one of essential factors for HerbaromaTrade’s growth to seek various collaboration with Trade Agents.

Of course, we would like to explore the possibility of collaboration not only with Japanese Trade Agents, but also with Trade Agents in other countries.

We are talking with several Trade Agents at the moment but we agreed to have partnership with one of them as “Event partner” who can drive a wide range of working scope that are beneficial to global suppliers who are interested in the Japanese market.

As the first step of the partnership, we will introduce a new campaign this time!

2022 HerbaromaTrade Christmas Campaign

Let’s get a chance to try test selling online in Japan FOR FREE by upgrading to Gold membership!

Campaign details

HerbaromaTrade is now focusing on reinforcing the support program for global suppliers who are keen to Japanese Market as the first phase of partnership activity.

HerbaromaTrade will select 2 suppliers after the qualification and give them the chance to try test selling online in Japan, 1 product per supplier (about 12 pieces), FOR FREE with the help of our event partner after upgrading to Gold membership.

This campaign could be a good opportunity to seize “how the selling in Japan is like”.

After finishing test selling online, the selected 2 suppliers can continue discussion freely to expand their business in Japan with our event partner(Trade agent) as long as Gold membership.

Eligibility to apply

-Free Membership of HerbaromaTrade & Supplier who is interested in Japanese Market

Application period

December 8th – 23rd, 2022

Applicable product

Herbal and Aromatherapy Product

Applicable # of product

1 product per company

Application Form


Contact timing to selected supplier

Mid January 2023

We are looking forward to your application!

Thank you.

Satoshi Kayamori
Founder & CEO, Herbal Square Ltd.

Let’s create the world filled with herbal enjoyment together!

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