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With the support of skilled professionals and sophisticated technology in hand, Botanic Healthcare has emerged as one of the Zingiber Officinale Manufacturers in India. Being committed to quality, we strictly keep up with the USFDA, TGA, MEDSAFE and EU guidelines and offer an unrivalled range in bulk.

We have a well-structured manufacturing unit with several cutting-edge technologies that help us ensure safe extraction, processing and packaging in a hygienic environment without compromising quality. Zingiber Officinale has multiple health characteristics, and we work attentively to meet bulk orders of pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, personal care and dietary supplements.

Being recognized among reliable Zingiber Officinale Exporters and Suppliers in India, we have gained a massive clientele. If you have any queries, please submit your enquiry via the website or call our experts now.

Botanical Name: Zingiber officinale Roscoe
Family: Zingiberaceae
Common Name: Ginger, ardraka

Medicinal part of ginger, rhizomes have been commonly consumed as a spice and an herbal medicine since ancient times for treatment of a wide range of ailments.
Name ‘zingiber’ is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘shringavera’, which means ‘shaped like a deer’s antlers.
Cultivated all over tropical and subtropical Asia (50% of the world’s harvest is produced in India), ginger is used in brewing, confectionery, cosmetics, perfumes and pharmaceuticals.

Active Principles:

  • Volatile oils (sesquiterpenes), phenols, aromatic ketones (gingerols) and oleoresin.
  • Zingerone and gingerols (pungency of ginger, the “burning” effect, felt in the mouth).
  • Zingiberol (aromatic agent).
  • Zingibain (proteolytic enzyme).

Zingiber Officinale Health Benefits:

  • Acts as an antispasmodic and improve the tone of intestinal muscles.
  • Possesses antioxidant actions.
  • Has potential anti-ulcer properties (alleviates numerous GI discomforts such as ulcers).
  • Helps to stimulate the muscles of the heart to facilitate blood flow.
  • May have antimicrobial activity against a broad spectrum of pathogenic microbes.
  • Significantly reduces nausea and vomiting in women with hyperemesis gravidarum.
  • Possesses anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects (for treatment of IBS or colic).
  • Act as an immunomodulator agent by acting on cell-mediated immune response.
  • Can help in management and prevention of several diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus, obesity, neurodegenerative diseases and respiratory disorders.
    Dosage: 950-1000 mg daily.
  • Included in GRAS list of US FDA.
  • Used in Ayurveda for the treatment of colds and other viral infections, arthritis, blood purifying and aphrodisiac.
  • Listed in Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia of India, Indian Pharmacopoeia, British Pharmacopoeia, United States Pharmacopoeia and European Pharmacopoeia.

Why Botanic Healthcare Ginger Extract?

Chemical standardization to a known content of total gingerols using HPLC and gravimetry. The extract is recommended for incorporation in nutraceutical formulations intended to manage high cholesterol and maintain cardiovascular health.

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