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Owing to in-depth industry experience, Botanic Healthcare – one of the globally recognized Spirulina Powder Manufacturers in India, specializes in manufacturing and supplying herbal extracts. We strictly follow industry norms and USFDA, TGA, MEDSAFE and EU guidelines to offer food and pharma grade range packed in packaging for better safety and excellent shelf life.

Spirulina Powder has a soothing aroma and is loaded with high nutrients, which makes the powder safe for Food, Pharmaceutical, Personal Care, Cosmetic and Dietary Supplement Industries. While processing, we keep the superiority, quality, purity and effectiveness of Spirulina Powder intact. Moreover, we ensure that it gets packed conventionally for maximum safety and enhanced shelf life.

Despite the challenges, we have emerged as one of the trustworthy Spirulina Powder Exporters and Suppliers in India. We maintain transparency to provide uncompromised quality in bulk according to customer demands. You can place your bulk orders with us via the website or call our experts for a quick discussion.

Scientific Name: Spirulina Powder
Common Name: Spirulina
Family: Spirulinaceae
Active Principles: The active components of spirulina are protein phycocyanin, sulfated polysaccharides,and γ-linolenic acid.
Parts Used: Leaves, bark, fruits, seed kernels, and root

Spirulina Powder Health Benefits:

  • Rich source of vitamins and minerals
  • Great for cell regeneration
  • Easily digestible
  • May help in fighting allergies
  • May fight with liver diseases
  • May support weight loss
  • May lower cholesterol
  • May lower blood pressure

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