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Women’s Tea – For period complaints

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Women’s Tea – For period complaints

Start consuming as soon as possible to heal!

From a box approx. 45 cups of tea can be made with
Yarrow and fennel

can contribute to the reduction of menopause complaints. To avoid frequent mood swings, heat waves and sudden sweating, it is worth consuming beforehand.
Has the time come when you too have to face these symptoms?
Don’t want to stuff yourself with drugs? We help alleviate these complaints with our natural, side-effect-free herbal tea blend.
We offer pure, natural teas free of carrier substances, in which the combined effect of several medicinal herbs prevails

. Consumption of our tea mixture can contribute to the reduction of climactic complaints. The 6 types of herbs in it strengthen each other’s effects.

Suggested use:
Boil a teaspoon of the tea mixture with 2.5 dl of water. Cover and leave to cool. It can be eaten on its own or flavored as desired. From a box approx. 40 cups of tea can be made.
Consumption: 1-2 cups daily between meals is recommended. Shake the contents of the box before use!
Fenugreek 18%, shepherd’s purse shoot, yarrow 18%, prickly pear, lemongrass leaf, medical sage
Storage:  in a dry, dark, cool place
Net weight:  60 gr
in a UV-filtered, aroma-sealing transparent box, in which the essential oils can be stored for several years remain, thus ensuring the freshness of the active ingredients.

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