The HERBADENT herbal gum gel

Product Description

The HERBADENT herbal gum gel is based on a unique mixture of extracts and essential oils from 7 medicinal herbs, proven by decades of clinical testing. The agrimony, camomile, sage and tormentil extracts give the gel its medicinal effects, while the mint, clove and fennel essential oils increase these effects, enriching it with a unique scent and freshness.

Helps keep the gums and the oral cavity healthy and is particularly suitable for the treatment of inflammation in the oral cavity (bleeding and gingivitis).

Can also be used with interdental brushes and helps treat mouth ulcers or cold sores and also periodontitis. Those using removable dentures or braces can use it to treat mucosal lesions. In case of bad breath it not only reduces the smell but also leaves remains of herbal substances on the gums.

Apply after tooth brushing using a soft toothbrush. Using an interdental brush will become easier. We recommend applying the gel in the evening after tooth brushing due to the remains of the gel leaving a herbal layer with a long-term effect.

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