Herbal mouthwash concentrate

Product Description

The concentrate for the gradual preparation of up to 1 litter of the HERBADENT herbal mouthwash is suitable as an addition to the overall oral hygiene. Gently yet effectively destroys harmful bacteria, while preserving the natural balance of the oral microflora thanks to its organic ingredients. Helps reduce the viral load and prevent respiratory diseases.

The herbal-flavoured HERBADENT mouthwash helps you maintain the health of your oral cavity. Regular use of the mouthwash reduces the risk of inflammation, mouth ulcers, dental caries, gum bleeding and other signs of periodontitis.

HERBADENT mouthwash is free from fluoride and artificial colours. Based on the wholesome effects of seven medicinal herbs. The agrimony, camomile, sage and tormentil extracts give the mouthwash its medicinal effects, while the mint, clove and fennel essential oils ensure its unique smell and freshness. Despite the absence of artificial colours and fluoride in HERBADENT, we do not recommend swallowing it. Not suitable for children below the age of 3.

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