Herbal toothpaste

Product Description

HERBADENT fluoride herbal gel toothpaste with minimum abrasiveness for preventative dental and gum hygiene. Contains a unique and clinically tested mixture of extracts and essential oils from 7 medicinal herbs, and is based on a traditional recipe without artificial colours and foaming agents.

Natural foaming agents offer reduced foaming during the use of the HERBADENT toothpaste, preventing the “false sense of clean teeth”, which is often achieved with modern toothpastes containing menthol fragrance and excess of foaming agents. Increases the user’s motivation to clean their teeth more thoroughly, resulting in a more successful removal of dental plaque. This and also the added herbal extract minimise the risk of dental caries, inflammation and gum bleeding as well as further complications.

We recommend using the toothpaste in combination with the soft HERBADENT toothbrushes. No toothpaste can replace the significance of mechanical brushing of teeth and gums using the combination of a toothbrush, an interdental brush and other aids to achieve perfectly clean teeth.

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