Summer Savory ( Satureja Hortensis L. )

Product Description

Summer savory is an annual herbaceous plant. The stems are up to 40 cm high. straight, strongly branched from the base itself, and look like tufts, covered with fine hairs. It blooms and is harvested in summer. The flowering above-ground part or only the leaves and flowers are used. The tops of the plants with the leaves and flowers are picked before and at the beginning of flowering.

If the savory is intended for the production of essential oil, it is distilled immediately after picking.

It contains up to 2% essential oil with a strong, sharp pleasant smell, which contains up to 40% carvacrol, up to 30% paracimol, dipentene and other terpenes and phenols, and the oil has a strong bactericidal effect. The herb also contains tannins and mucus.

The Satureja and its oil are most widely used in the food industry, meat processing and canning industries. It is also known as an aromatic spice for dishes, especially in bean dishes, where they reduce rot and flatulence.

Satureja Hortensis tea is used for pain in the stomach and intestines.

The aqueous extract of savory has an insecticidal effect.

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