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Ravintsara Leaf Essential Oil

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Enjoy essential oils from Simply Natural Madagascar!

· Meaning, “tree with good leaves,” in the Malagasy language, Ravintsara is a unique essential oil produced by steam distilling the leaves of the camphor tree.

· Though sometimes confused with another member of the Lauraceae family, Ravensara, Ravintsara is a bit milder and is similar to Eucalyptus and Camphor.

· Eucalyptol, the primary chemical constituent of Ravintsara oil, contributes to its distinct, invigorating aroma, ideal for use in a soothing massage.

· Perfect for personal and home use, this enlivening aroma helps create a relaxing, open environment in your home or office.

· In addition to aromatic benefits, Ravintsara essential oil also contains surface cleansing properties when applied topically to the skin and general home surfaces.

How do I use Ravintsara oil?

  • Bath Salts: Create your own bath salts by combining one to two drops of Ravintsara essential oil with Epsom salts and add to a warm bath for a fresh, uplifting aroma as you soak.
  • Soothing Massage: At the end of a long day, combine Ravintsara oil with Fractionated Coconut Oil then gently massage into your chest for an invigorating fragrance.
  • Post-Workout Massage: After completing your workout routine, combine Ravintsara essential oil with Fractionated Coconut Oil and rub it into your legs and other targeted areas for a soothing topical sensation followed by an energizing aroma.
  • Surface Cleansing Spray: Create your own surface cleansing spray by adding four to five drops of Ravintsara oil in a small glass spray bottle of water and spritz on commonly used surfaces for a clean shine and refreshing scent.
  • Hand Cleansing Mist: Create an effective hand cleansing mist by adding three to four drops of Ravintsara oil to a glass sprayer bottle of water and spritzing on your hands for a cleansing topical effect.
  • Diffusion: Freshen the air in your home or office by adding three to four drops of Ravintsara oil to your favorite diffuser and let the clean, earthy aroma fill your space.

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