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Organic Bourbon Vanilla Pods Gourmet – 16 cm

Product Description

Vanilla (Vanilla planifolia) is a native orchid. Its pods represent the spice known under the name Vanilla.

There are different qualities of Vanilla. The one we offer is the organic gourmet quality. These pods are soft, flexible with a length of 16cm with the typical sweet scent, characteristic of vanilla. The vanillin percentage of this Vanilla is 1.4-1.6%, considered very good.

We also offer Vanilla powder. The product is made from dried and then ground Premium vanilla pods.

Vanilla is mainly used in pastry, ice cream, beverage production, and in exotic cuisine. It has an intense and harmonious aroma and a flavor that gives a refined touch.

We offer conventional and organic vanilla pods and powder and we supply also with vanilla extract with seeds.

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