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Package 50gr (either 200gr & 1kg) containing the flower and the grated leaves of the plant.

Other Names: Wild oregano, Riano, Rouvano, Rouano & Agrioriganos


● Rich in vitamin C.

● Facilitates digestion and opens the appetite.

● Atony of the intestines.

● Bronchitis.

● Rheumatic deformities of the joints and gout.

● High blood pressure.

● Arteriosclerosis.

● Heals inflammations and ulcers of the oral cavity and tonsils (gargles).

In addition, oregano is used as a spice that is a trademark of Mediterranean cuisine. Its special taste goes well with olive oil and lemon.

Origin: Greece. Imathia (collected from the Pieria Mountains)

Store: In a dark and cool (5oC – 15oC) place


1 tablespoon oregano is boiled with 1 glass of boiling water in a covered container, left for 10-15 minutes and drained before use.

For gargling, prepare the above tea, more concentrated in the dose of 50-60 gr. in a liter of water.



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