Nano Hemp Extract

Product Description

Works within 60 seconds & manyfold stronger (than Hemp Oils).

  • for pain, arthritis, sleep
  • 4x stronger & more bioavailable
  • nano tech from USA, made in Australia 🇦🇺

For those who find our Hemp Oils not strong enough, the Nano Hemp Extract may be for you, manyfold stronger due to 90% bioavailable water-based nano particles, compared to a 20% uptake of the hemp oils.

It also acts much faster, 60 seconds vs 1 hour for hemp oils.

This is due to its increased bioavailability as the hemp is split up into nano particles which are wrapped in a food-grade emulsifier & suspended in water molecules, much more easily absorbed by the body.

After a year for testing with hundreds of customers, we released our first water based product in 2022 (commonly used in the US), using nano technology and the particle are very very small. Approx. 60 nm which makes it much more bioavailable by your body.

It is safe for pets and many dogs have had great outcomes from our products.


  • Water (demineralised)
  • Emulsifier / Stabiliser (organic, food grade from USA)
  • Hemp extract (locally grown in Nimbin)


Keep refrigerated as water does not keep as well as oil at room temperature.

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