Malabari Sulaimani Black Tea

Product Description

Languages bend and cultures meet over a cup of tea. Among the illustrious list of tea varieties is the delightfully refreshing Sulaimani Tea. Sulaimani is an ambrosial tea made without adding milk and served with an energetic dosage of lemon, brewed to a gorgeous colour of amber. The brew goes back to the age of Prophet Mohammed who enjoyed drinking a beverage called ghava with dates and black pepper. Brought to the Malabar coast by Arabic traders, Sulaimani simply means “man of peace”. Infused with stevia leaves for sweetness and dehydrated lemon peels for the crisp citrus flavour, experience the world come to a standstill with Teamonk Malabari Sulaimani Tea.

Teamonk Malabari Sulaimani Tea is a diabetic friendly tea, thanks to the natural Stevia used for sweetness.

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