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Magnoliae Hypoleuca

Product Description

Latin name: Cortex Magnoliae officinai1s
Botanical name: M.officinalis Rehd. et Wils.
English: Magnoliae Hypoleuca
Chinese: Magnolia

Specifications : Daluhuo.
Packing: Bamboo box covered with linen, net weight 50 kg.
Properties: The dry skin is in the form of double rolls, single rolls or plates, 30-35cm long, 2-7mm thick, commonly known as Tongpu; the end of the roll near the root is unfolded like a bell mouth, 13-25cm long, 3mm thick -8mm, commonly known as boot tube park. The outer surface is brownish-gray or grayish-brown, relatively rough, and the cork is scaly, with many round or fusiform protruding lenticels and longitudinal wrinkles. When the rough skin is scraped off, it appears yellowish-brown, relatively smooth, with fine longitudinal lines, carved with nails Scratch oily. The texture is hard, not easy to break, the broken surface is granular, the outer layer is gray-brown, the inner layer is purple-brown or brown, and oily. “Bright silver stars” can be seen on the inner surface, edge and cross-section of this product, which are fine needle-like or granular crystals, and burnt pieces are most common. The gas is fragrant, the taste is pungent, slightly bitter. The root bark (genpu) is in the shape of a single tube or irregular pieces, some of which are curved like chicken intestines, commonly known as chicken intestines. Hard, easy to break, fibrous cross-section, more chewing residue. Branch bark (Zhipu) is single tube-shaped, 10-20cm long and 1-2mm thick. Brittle, easy to break, fibrous cross-section, more residues from chewing.
Distribution: This product is mainly produced in Gansu.
Nature and flavor: bitter, pungent, warm. Return spleen, stomach, lung, large intestine channel.
Functions and indications: drying dampness and eliminating phlegm, lowering Qi and eliminating fullness. For dampness stagnation injury, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea due to food accumulation, abdominal distension and constipation, phlegm-retention wheezing and coughing.

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