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Herba Cynomorii

Product Description

Latin name: Caulis Cynomorii
Botanical name: Cynomoriun Coccineum L.
English: Herba Cynomorii
Chinese: Cynomoriun

Specifications: Big goods.
Packing: in sacks, each with a net weight of 60 kg.
Properties: Cylindrical, one end is slightly thin and slightly curved, 5-15cm long. 1.5-5cm in diameter. The surface is brown or tan, extremely shrunken, with clear longitudinal grooves and irregular depressions, some remaining triangular black-brown scales, heavy, hard, difficult to break, brown or tan section, and some white triangular or irregular Shaped vascular bundles, single or in groups of 2-5. Gas micro, light and then astringent. It is better to choose thick and fat strips, reddish brown in color, and fleshy in section.
Ingredients: Contains tannins and triterpene saponins. Distribution: Gansu and other places. Nature and flavor: warm in nature, sweet in taste. Functions and indications: nourishing kidney yang, benefiting essence and blood, moistening intestines and laxative. It is used for bone steaming and hot flashes, weak legs and knees, impotence due to kidney deficiency, and blood dryness and constipation.

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