Lilac tincture (organic), 30ml

Product Description

Lilac is a powerful plant and besides beauty, it has many healing properties and is used in teas, herbal remedies, and tinctures (plant extract). Flowers have astringent, aromatic, and perhaps little bitter qualities. The lilac extract can help your skin flourish and act at the molecular level to rejuvenate the inner layers of your dermis (source of collagen & elastin etc). The potent antimicrobial effect is purifying the skin from the many bacteria which may cause local inflammation and infection. Together with its refreshing and astringent properties, it is the perfect choice for skin toner (cold or warm infusion) that will tighten your skin and reduce skin sagging and inflamed skin. Also helpful to apply for rashes, cuts, sunburns, and other skin ailments.

Lilac blossoms contain a strong active ingredient called neooleuropein which is scientifically proven to reduce inflammation and bring down a fever. Use lilac tincture in case of:

– fever and inflammation
– arthritis and arthrosis
– bronchitis and pneumonia
– bladder infection (diuretic effect)
– mood swings and stress
– insomnia

Tinctures are toning and healing concentrates that help alleviate a myriad of health problems fast and without harmful side effects.
We use to make tinctures of pure ecological ethanol made from Estonian-grown organic grain, pure source water, and hand-picked herbs.

A simple DIY toner for daily cleansing, refreshing that firms the skin and gives a glowing complexion. It can be used under or on your make-up for fixation and a more natural effect. In the morning, it will awaken the skin, and in the evening, the toner will prepare your skin for your favourite serum or moisturizer.

Usage: Internal or/and external.

Take daily under the tongue, before meal ca 30 drops 3 times a day during 3 months (maximum) but listen to your intuition. Every 3 weeks make a pause for 5 days and if you feel good and there is a need then continue.
Keeping little time under the tongue then swallow down with water or place drops in your (hot) water.
Use to treat injured areas or make compresses.
facial toner- dilute in water or flower water (rec to use in a spray bottle). Use daily.
INCI: Syringa vulgaris, organic grain spirit, purified water.

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