Palderjani tinktuur

Product Description

Valerian root herbal remedy helps to sleep better and calms the central nervous system. A natural ally for insomnia. It also aids with digestion and heart dysrhythmias. Tinctures are toning and healing concentrates that help alleviate a myriad of health problems fast and without harmful side effects.

With health issues, powerful tinctures are super helpful. Pure spirit has been the medium for channeling herbal power for centuries. We use pure spring water mixed with ecological ethanol made from Estonian-grown organic grain and handpicked Valerian roots.

Valerian root is harvested in Autumn after the blooming is over. Estonian valerian contains almost the highest amount of valerianol, bornyl acetate, and valeranone (essential oil constituents) ever found in valerian. It`s pure and potent.

Take 1-10ml under the tongue half an hour before going to bed. Avoid taking persistently for more than a month.

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