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Lactation tea – for the health of the expectant mother and the baby

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Lactation tea – For the health of the expectant mother and the baby.

Start consuming as soon as possible to heal!

From a box approx. 45 cups of tea can be made with
fenugreek seeds and anise

Would you like to be able to give your baby enough breast milk?
Would you like to solve your problem with the possibilities provided by nature, without side effects?
We offer pure, natural, carrier-free teas, in which the combined effect of several medicinal herbs prevails.

Drinking our tea mixture can contribute to better breast milk production, soothe the baby’s stomach and strengthen both of their bodies at the same time.
Anise and fenugreek seeds can stimulate milk production, while fennel and lemon grass are soothing. The vitamin C of rose hips and the mineral content of fenugreek seeds can strengthen. 6 types of herbs strengthen each other’s effects.
Uterine astringent effect.

Suggested use: pour a teaspoon of the tea mixture into 2.5 dl of water heated to 80-90 degrees Celsius. Cover and leave to cool. It can be eaten on its own or flavored as desired.
Ingredients: anise seed, lemongrass, fennel, rosehip, cumin, fenugreek seed
Consumption: 4-5 cups per day recommended between meals. Shake the contents of the box before use!
Pregnant women are not allowed to consume it due to its uterine contraction effect!
Storage: in a dry, dark, cool place.
It retains its quality: see the bottom of the box.
Place of origin: Hungary

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