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Breathing tea – for upper respiratory problems

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Breathing tea – For Upper Respiratory Problems (with Lungwort leaves)

Start consuming as soon as possible to heal!

From a box approx. 45 cups of tea can be made

Do you cough, croak, is your throat or bronchi inflamed? Do you have upper respiratory problems?
Would you like to solve your problem or alleviate your symptoms, or prevent the development of the disease, with the possibilities provided by nature, without side effects?
We offer pure, natural, carrier-free teas, in which the combined effect of several medicinal herbs prevails.

Consumption of our tea mixture can contribute to the relief of upper respiratory diseases.
For inflammation of the throat, bronchi, and vocal chords. Phlegm solution, to reduce cough.

Suggested use: boil a teaspoon of tea mixture with 2.5 dl of water. Cover and leave to cool. It can be eaten on its own or flavored as desired.
Ingredients: elderflower, spear plantain, lungwort leaves, medicinal veronica, yarrow, pitchfork, field thyme Recommended
consumption : 2-3 cups per day between meals. Shake the contents of the box before use!
Storage: in a dry, dark, cool place.
It retains its quality: see the bottom of the box.
Place of origin: Hungary

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