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Jasmine absolute is produced by solvent extraction of the flowers of Jasminum grandiflorum which is also known as the king of flowers. Jasmine has been used in the perfumery industry ever since its beginning. At the very beginning Grasse was the most important production centre of jasmine flowers. Up to 200 metric tons of flowers in the 1950’s were produced. Then the production slid to South Italy in the 60’s and to Algeria in the 70’s. In the early 80’s Egypt took a big place and was producing 8 tons of concrete while Grasse dropped down to 300 kg. However in the 90’s, India emerged as the largest producer and currently producing 160 metric tons of flowers. Jasmine absolute is not an easily manufactured product. The jasmine flowers have to be picked early in the morning in order to avoid the formation of indole. The yield is very poor, 645 kilograms of flowers are required to produce 1kg of jasmine absolute. Being a highly priced product, a lot of adulteration is known and be careful when you purchase this product. Our group is a major supplier of Jasmine absolute for the perfume industry and a batch wise GC/MS certified test report is provided with every purchase. We supply Indian origin Jasmine absolute packed in India. In addition, we have Indian and Egyptian origin Jasmine oil packed in France and tested and certified as per IFRA, FEMA guidelines.

COMMON NAME Jasmine Absolute
BOTANICAL NAME Jasminum grandiflorum
EXTRACTION METHOD Solvent extraction


Common use:

Jasmine absolute is highly valued by aromatherapists for its potential to aid in the symptoms of depression, insomnia. Jasmine absolute when mixed with a carrier oil is used in relieving aching and tired muscles. When diluting, one to three percent of jasmine absolute is only required as it has an incredible strength. Many people regard Jasmine absolute as unbelievably seductive and considered as an aphrodisiac. Lasting over eighteen hours, Jasmine absolute is highly regarded by perfume creators for its longevity and as a middle note.


Appearance Reddish brown liquid
Odour Pleasant floral aroma
Specific Gravity 0.962 – 0.979
Refractive Index 1.485 – 1.51
CAS Number 8022-96-6
Kosher Certification Yes
EINECS 283-993-5



Please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet before use.

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